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Our Business Is You

Our business is servicing our distributors to enable them to achieve the best results they possibly can. We believe that if we do not lose sight of this simple principle then we are already light years ahead of any of the competition.

Capital Steel Buildings do not sell buildings. CSB sell systems and support to a network of highly motivated distributors who sell buildings to the end user.


It’s no secret that the main issue with most buying groups in the portal frame steel building industry is that their key focus is kit sales and turnover as opposed to distributor support and development. The harsh reality is that once the buying group grows too large it becomes extremely hard to maintain and the personalised service factor quickly fades away.


Much like the early stages of childhood, where one must learn to crawl before they can walk, CSB understand that each new distributor requires an exceptional amount of personalised training and guidance to enable them to achieve the best results possible. CSB also understand that in order to improve on these results, ongoing support and guidance is required to maintain consistent growth and overall stability.


CSB are focused towards maintaining a service orientated business. In addition to the initial software and business training schedule, CSB have an annual workshop calendar which includes monthly software training sessions and business skills workshops, and quarterly business management workshops with key note speakers to guide distributors through the more complex business principles.